Roan Technologies, Inc. is part of the Sagegroup Strategies consortium of companies  and specialists providing Professional Troubled-Company Specialist services and operates both nationally and worldwide. We are very experienced and knowledgeable in this type of work. We are a highly-discreet firm that can work very confidentially and behind the scene when appropriate.

Roan Technologies, Inc. and SageGroup Strategies specializes in complex and sensitive situations. Our various ways include to:

  • obtain new financing
  • fight crises
  • solve urgent problems
  • avoid insolvency and collapse
  • improve management and operations
  • take other steps to eliminate losses

As part of this, often we implement a corporate restructuring and a program to maximize ownership values and owners' options.

Our staff of high-quality experienced professionals has been involved in many hundreds of troubled-company situations.

Our staff includes highly-qualified:

  • troubled-company specialists
  • turnaround experts
  • strategists
  • international business experts
  • attorneys
  • marketing specialists
  • reengineering and productivity improvement experts
  • financing and financial experts
  • mergers and acquisitions experts
  • organizational development and improvement specialists
  • change management experts
  • psychologists
  • real estate specialists
  • technologists
  • CPAs
  • corporate executives
  • industry specialists
  • public relations experts
  • and many others

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